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  Polly Curran



   and AUTHOR
   Wafu Ikebana Specialist




I am a resident of University Park Florida since 2001. Artistic Nature photography, Ikebana - the 6th C. elegant art of Japanese flower design have been my primary passion since coming to Florida.

I am a nationally recognized artistic Nature photographer. Through my studies of Shodo Calligraphy, Japanese Haiku Poetry, and Ikebana I have become very close to nature. My enthusiasm for gardening led me to explore my interest in photography. "The natural beauty of each individual leaf or flower becomes a work of art through the camera".

My passion is photographing nature: flowers, butterflies, and other garden friends. For twenty years I lived in the Asia/Pacific: Australia, Japan, Thailand, and Hong Kong. Living and learning the cultural and natural beauty of these environments gave me a strong sense of intimacy in even the smallest things.

My photography has been exhibited locally in a variety of venues: Art Center Sarasota, Art Center Manatee, Venice Art Center, Art League of Ft. Myers, Art in the Park at University Park County Club and Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. I have earned numerous awards, including Merit and Honorable mention awards for images juried by famed photographer, Clyde Butcher. I am a gallery artist at the Dancing Crane Gallery. My photography is in a number of private collections in Boston, Philadelphia and Seattle as well as Sarasota and throughout Southwest Florida.

I have published several books, Nature’s Artistry, recently published, celebrates my artistic development over the last ten years. I present to you my creativity and enthusiasm for the beauty of Nature and my progress as an artist. Do visit my website: http://pollycurranphotography.zenfolio.com.

Polly Curran   -   curranpj@aol.com    -   2016




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